Research interests: I am a social anthropologist interested in the issues of religious and ethnic diversity, nationalism, migration, social history. Having trained as a sociologist, I am now a committed ethnographer, and aim to bridge the disciplinary traditions of anthropology, sociology, and history in my research.

My doctoral dissertation and the subsequent book, Hierarchy and Pluralism. Living religious difference in Catholic Poland, discussed the situation of religious and ethnic minorities in the context of church-state relations in Poland. It was based on a year-long ethnographic study of a rural community in Southern Poland, which, as a result of the region’s turbulent history, a series of ethnic cleansings and migrations, is today both ethnically and religiously diverse and as such stands in contrast to the rest of the - rather homogenous - Polish socio-cultural landscape. I continued researching these subjects in my first postdoctoral project which investigated the intersection between religion, ethnicity and class. As a part of this project, I conducted a 6-months long historical-ethnographic research with the descendants of Polish immigrants living in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Current research project:
“Transnational nationalism. Far-Right Nationalist Groups in East Central Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries,” aims to study networks of youth far-right nationalist organizations in East Central Europe. Using historical and anthropological methodology, the study strives to investigate the transnational dimension of far-right nationalist organizations: the networking of ideologies, tactics, and modes of action. The project entails archival research, interviews with the organizations’ members, and participant observation during nationalists’ gatherings and demonstrations. In this way, the project aims to investigate the long-term relations between different far-right organizations and a repertoire of symbols and ideas the present-day movements draw on to develop a theoretical framework for an analysis of nationalist movements’ networks.

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2015. Hierarchy and Pluralism: Living Religious Difference in Catholic Poland. Palgrave Macmillan.